Parkdale Flea Market aims to bring together some of the best and most unique products that Toronto has to offer. Featuring vendors ranging from Antiques, Vintage, Collectables, Local Artisans and Designers we pride ourselves of having impeccable taste and high standards when choosing our participants.

Food and drink vendors will also be available so come hungry! Oh and best of all, it's FREE!! Four legged friends are always welcome!!
Inside & Outside
1266 Queen St West
Toronto, Ontario
Second Sunday
of the month
from 10am - 5pm


Parkdale Flea is a fantastic opportunity to get recognition for your shop/products. We offer a number of different services and spaces for vending and work hand in hand with the best media and blogs in this city to ensure the word gets out about the events. All participants MUST be approved by filling out the registration form on the right or sending a website/blog about their product to .

Below is a list of the things we offer to vendors:

Vendor space - $100/day

Each space includes one 6ft table and chairs, spaces with electrical outlets are limited and first come first serve. Additional tables are $20 each.

Please bring your own linen for the tables provided, we want to keep the aesthetics as unique and presentable as possible. Outdoor vendors must bring their own 10x10 tent. If you don't have a tent, let us know we may have a few extra lying around.

All vendors serving food/drink products MUST have a Food Handlers Certificate.

Available dates: Sunday August 14, September 11

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connecting the world, one card at a time

Gotamago cards, featuring original watercolour illustrations by Lichia Liu, are sometimes whimsical, often nostalgic, and always fun. Combining a love for travel and culture with a sense of continual discovery, Gotamago is a messenger that delivers joy and personal moments from hand to hand.

Lichia worked in Japan, California, Taiwan and China as an urban designer for several years before establishing her own design and illustration studio in Toronto, her favourite city in the world. She is a dedicated urban sketcher and runner, avid cat-lover, and a nomad at heart.

Sourced & Salvaged

industrial, repurposed, vintage, reclaimed

At Sourced & Salvaged we have a mix of industrial, vintage, reclaimed and re-purposed items. Darius started Sourced & Salvaged because of his love of interior design and having a knack for finding interesting pieces and grouping them together.

His most recent project consists of combining industrial sewing machine lights with pieces of an 100 year old church pew. In addition to mounting industrial explosion proof lights and creating coffee tables and benches made from salvaged sewing table tops or live edge slabs of wood.

Noble Street Antiques

Handpicked premium vintage pieces

If you're looking for something truly unique, look no further, Noble Street Antiques boasts a select inventory of premium vintage pieces from around the globe, with just the right patina. All pieces are hand picked by Toronto's finest treasure hunters, Joshua James and Vincent Luk. Both have been collecting since they could remember and it wasn't until 2012 that the duo decided to share their finds with the world. Their tastes and aesthetics are in tune with what their generation finds interesting and unique. All the items they carry have a storied history, whether it be a Zeiss Ikon Contessa Rangefinder camera your parents used or a Blue Jays World Series Champion sweater from the early 90’s, you're bound to find something that will bring you back to a time and evoke some cherished memories.

Snap + Tumble

Gal meets press. Press meets gal. Happily ever after.

Snap + Tumble is a letterpress line of small stationery goods hand-printed by Tanya Roberts in her home-studio in Toronto, Canada. Her specialty is printing original small-sized letterpress goods in short runs. In addition to bespoke work, she designs and prints stationery that is often inspired by minimalistic design, typography and creative use of wood type. This work includes correspondence cards, postcards, and limited edition prints. All prints are hand-pulled on one of her four antique tabletop presses.

Kitten & the Bear

Limited Batch Confiturier

All Kitten and the Bear jams, preserves and marmalades are made by hand, in small, limited batches at our shop at 1574 Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada.  We create 50-100 unique, seasonal flavours a year, using local, sustainably grown fruit whenever possible.  Made in the French confiture style, in traditional hand-hammered copper preserving pans, we never use any commercial pectin, citric acid, bottled lemon juice, or synthetic ingredients of any kind.

Primal Grind

Everything for the modern hunter-gatherer

The primal grind is a mobile espresso bar and food shop that caters alternative and health events in and around toronto. All our treats and grocery items are 100% gluten-free and free of processed sugars. We are also dairy free and use coconut milk and almond milk to create your favourite lattes and wholesome ingredients such as eggs, walnuts, fruit, cacao and pure vanilla in our treats.